What’s New On The Menu?


It’s true – they’re back! The PK Coffee classic, Lemon Blueberry Scones, have returned for the summer, and we are certainly not complaining.  While customers and employees alike are enjoying this treat, prepping them is no easy feat. This summer delicacy is fun, challenging, and takes the utmost focus from our baking team. It is a (tasty) race against the clock.

Success has eluded many home bakers who have attempted to bake their own scones. They may look like a simple treat, though the baking process is anything but. What makes it so difficult? Ingredients, like butter and dairy, must be as cold as possible to make sure that the scones are light and fluffy. Another common mistake? Overmixing. In that case, you’ll end up with some pretty chewy pastries.

The Lemon Blueberry Scone is a traditional scone made with heavy cream and eggs, as well as wild Maine Blueberries, local flour and dairy (thank you, Cabot farmers and Strafford Creamery!). Just another reason these should not be passed up. And they wouldn’t be the fresh, zesty scones you’ve come to know and love without hand-squeezed lemons!

Our baking team is always busy whipping up your favorite cookies, breads, and of course, scones. With all the commotion in the background, no wonder the kitchen gets so hot. The heat of the ovens, dishwasher, and kneading hands makes it all the more challenging to keep the ingredients cold in the molding process.

Last step before the oven is shaping the dough into the recognizable triangles that you see behind the plexiglass. After they’re baked, they receive a sweet topping of zested lemon glaze, and then off to your pastry bag. Come enjoy your new favorite summer scones!